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Hotwire 2.0

In Social Media on October 5, 2009 at 4:49 am

The coming  issue of Hotwire marks the start of new chapter in member communications for CPRS Calgary.  To fill you in, Hotwire’s previous editor Doug Lacombe is now the CPRS Calgary Board’s “Director-at-Large – Digital Media.”

I’m Andrew McIntyre, a CPRS Calgary member since 2007, current Member Communications Director and a rapacious consumer and creator of social media… You probably know where I’m going with this.

My agenda is the encouragement of the transition of CPRS Calgary into CPRS Calgary 2.0. Acknowledging the immense and accelerating growth of web based communication, and in recognition of the impact online “word of mouth” is having on public relations, I see my position as an opportunity to move beyond the quarterly newsletter. I want to foster an ongoing conversation.

My real goal is to encourage the CPRS Calgary community to take the plunge into social media. The water is warm.

While I will continue publishing Hotwire as a newsletter, I will also be blogging the Hotwire articles, CPRS events and any cool links I come across – that are worth sharing – at I welcome guest posts from any member with a point of view to express or a question to ask or anything else you think other CPRS Calgary members would value.

As the indispensable educator and journalist Clay Shirky said in a TED talk earlier this year: “the moment we’re living through is the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.” It is time for us, as professional communicators, to ensure we can keep up with the public we’re tasked with relating to.

Clay Shirky‘s TED Talk on how the Internet is changing everything in how we communicate.


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