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Negotiating Contracts – The Indy Way

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Negotiating contracts – is it an art or a science? Well, we learned that it’s a bit of both at the latest learning event “Just for Indy’s” in March. CPRS Calgary’s Independent Consultants had the opportunity to try out their negotiation skills first hand as Laura Kennedy, General Manager of the Vista-IMV Joint Venture and Instructor at the Haskayne School of Business led the group through a hands-on scenario where Indy’s had the opportunity to test their negotiation styles in a good-humoured and relaxed environment.  Did we want to keep the ‘”whole pie” for ourselves or were we open to giving up some of the pie in favour of building relationships?   We learned that no style is right or wrong, but it was informative to learn what style we naturally gravitated towards.

Next up at our learning session was Lori Bokenfohr a lawyer who practices corporate-commercial law for small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups.  Lori shared the essentials of what we needed to know about contracts from a legal perspective.  With a sample contract in tow and our new found negotiation skills, this group of Indy’s was able to leave the session with a satisfying lunch, a new skill and some networking done to boot.   Efficient, effective and worth it – another successful Indy session.

The Indy 500 group of CPRS Independent Practitioners meets bi-monthly to network, enjoy professional development sessions tailored to their unique interests and needs, and stay connected with what is happening in the public relations consulting world in Calgary. For more information about Indy events or to get connected with the group, please contact Susan Elford, APR, Director – Independent Practitioners, CPRS Calgary. Susan can be reached at or 403-830-1471.

  1. I too enjoyed this session and got a lot out of it. The Indies group is certainly a value-add to my membership in CPRS. Susan has really gotten it off the ground this year and I, for one, want to thank her publicly for doing that. This program year is coming to an end what with the kiss of springtime on the land…. but here, I’m saying it….I will commit to planning, organizing and implementing one indie event next year……
    I would like to challenge other members to also put their hand up NOW to volunteer to work with me or lead their own indie event under Susan’s direction.
    Now, let’s brainstorm a bit…what would be good topics or themes of interest to ‘single shingles’ who labour alone in the consulting field?

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