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Jumping aboard the mentor “ship”

In Mentorship on September 28, 2010 at 8:42 am

As you may know, we have made changes at the CPRS Calgary Board. I have moved from Membership to Education where I will oversee student membership, the mentorship pilot project and support any work being done nationally on the education front.

This year we are running our first mentorship pilot project. We have paired six recent PR graduates with six seasoned, professional practitioners. So far the program seems to be going well – look for blog posts from the mentees in the weeks ahead.

If the program is successful we may even expand it in future years. My goals for the program are simple – I want to ensure we transition Student and Graduate members into Full members, and in the process, assist in their transition from student to PR professional.  The program also allows seasoned practitioners the opportunity to reconnect with the newer generation and it helps with your APR maintenance!

PS:  To all the mentors and mentees in the program, I will be contacting you in the days ahead to see how things are going. Thanks again for being involved in the program.

Jeremy Berry, APR
CPRS Calgary Education Chair

  1. I have to say to my fellow “seasoned practitioners” aka “members of long standing” aka “senior members” that I, having “come of age before computers”, am finding that my mentorship experience has been personally rewarding and instructive. The woman I am mentoring is eager to show me the ropes in PR 2.0 Hard to tell who is mentoring whom! Loving it.

  2. […] to (this has already started to happen; I attended an event with Judi in September). Judi claims, based on her comment on Jeremy’s earlier blog post, that I have been teaching her things and while I don’t give […]

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