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Sharing our mentorship goals: Tammy Schwass

In Mentorship on November 9, 2010 at 8:57 pm

As I wrote in a previous blog post, The value of a network: to infinity and beyond, I’ve been involved with CPRS Calgary for about 4 years now.  I jumped when I heard about the opportunity to participate in the mentorship program.  I’m a recent graduate of the University of Calgary’s Communications Studies program and have been out in the workforce for four months. I applied for the Mentorship program as a way to stay involved with CPRS and in anticipation of what a great learning experience it might be, based on the rewards of my previous involvement with the organization.

The mentor I am paired with is Judi Gunter, APR. Judi is a well known and respected individual in the field of public relations, involved in many different projects and always eager to contribute and learn from others. Judi’s current involvement includes senior counsel to the CPRS board, a volunteer at student events and accreditation sessions, and a dedicated CPRS event attendee. One of Judi’s passions is health care. In this realm, she is program chair for the health care practice team of Worldcom Public Relations Group. These are only a few of the projects Judi contributes to.

I am extremely excited to partner with Judi over the next few months on our mentor “ship” voyage. One goal I have is for Judi and I to share some great conversations, which will advance my knowledge of the Public Relations industry (and hopefully soak up some of Judi’s amazing knowledge). I also know Judi has many strong relationships with others and I hope that I will expand my network by connecting with the people Judi introduces me to (this has already started to happen; I attended an event with Judi in September). Judi claims, based on her comment on Jeremy’s earlier blog post, that I have been teaching her things and while I don’t give myself that much credit, I do hope that I can pass on some of what I’ve learned from others and share what I’m able to. I want her to find value in my side of the relationship too. Last, but not least, I feel that my connection with the other mentees will enhance my experience in the program. The support network and shared experiences that the others offer will only add to my experience in the program and expand my network.

Stay tuned over the next few months for more from the CPRS Mentorship group!

Tammy Schwass is a recent graduate of the Communications Studies program at the University of Calgary. As a student she represented CPRS on campus and helped organize student events. She is currently working as the Investor Relations Coordinator at FLYHT, AeroMechanical Services in Calgary. Contact Tammy at

  1. Well, I’m totally humbled by Tammy’s blog post. Blush. Tammy is just back from an incredible South American trip so I’m hoping our next ‘meet up’ is going to be more about Machu Picchu than PR and I can’t wait. Having a young, energetic, adventurous friend is another great gift from this mentorship.

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