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Internet gaining on television news

In public relations on January 6, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Interesting report from the Pew Research folks says “the internet is slowly closing in on television as Americans’ main source of national and international news”.  The report goes on to state that for the under-30 demo, the Internet has now surpassed TV as the go-to source for news. Read it here.
– Jeremy Berry, CPRS Calgary Education Chair

  1. Very interesting that the Internet is taking over as the way people get their news.

    What seems to be missing is the source. The ‘Net’s a big place. Where on the ‘Net are they getting their news? Traditional, media and their products have been on the ‘Net for a long time.

    If Pew’s research discussed at Cleveland is correct, the source still seems to be traditional media except the vehicle is their web sites as opposed to the traditional vehicle — the 6 p.m. newcast, newspaper on the door step.

    Users appear to be accessing their news at the precisce time they want and the precise content (clicking) they want instead of waiting for the top of the hour, or for the paper to drop onto the door step and have to wait until what they’re interested in is delivered by the news reader, or when they finally get to the section of the paper that interests them. .
    Pew confirms aggregators (aka bloggers) get their news and information from traditional media web sites.

    I’d like to see more sharply focused precise research as to “where” on the net people are getting their news. This research seems to be about the vehicle and not the source.

    Just some thoughts. Interesting stuff.


  2. Internet is a means by which to access the activity or any information very quickly. when we’re traveling, but we want to watch the news to know that there are events, then we can use the Internet to stream news. so that we can go but still be able to use the internet. I think, the Internet makes it easy for someone to get information very quickly.

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