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Mentee update: we want your feedback!

In Mentorship on January 10, 2011 at 2:39 am

We are halfway through the CPRS Calgary mentorship pilot project, a program designed to help new graduates transition from Student/Graduate members into Full CPRS members and professional PR practitioners.

At this point, there are four mentees in the program who meet and email regularly. We each learn a great deal from our personal mentors, but have also found value in group events and meeting with other mentees.

We have posted a few times on the blog and we would like to present our experiences and suggestions to the CPRS Calgary Board of Directors this April.

We are currently seeking your thoughts on mentorship and ideas on how we can enrich the second part of the program. Please take a moment to reflect on the following questions and feel free to answer them in full or partially in the Comments section below. If you would rather submit your responses privately, please email them to


  • Do you enjoy reading about our mentorship experiences on the blog or can you recommend another way that we can document our progress & communicate our experiences?
  • Are there any topics or areas you think we should explore with our mentors and write about on this blog?

Mentorship events:

  • Can you recommend any speakers, workshops, books or topics we can use for the program or our own development?


  • Do you have any ideas for things to do or talk about with our mentors the rest of the term?
  • What specific questions do you think we should ask about? Can you recommend any special topics for discussion? (i.e. anything that would specifically advance us as young professionals? Anything we can discuss (and research with our mentor) for the improvement/benefit of CPRS?)

Presenting our results:

  • Any suggestions for how we can present the program and our experiences to the CPRS Calgary Board at the end of the session?


  • What is a “mentor”?
  • Tell us about one of your best mentorship experiences. Was it a formal mentorship program? Were you the mentor or the mentee?
  • What do you hope comes out of this program?

Thank you for helping us shape this program!

Brenda, Julie, Naddine & Tammy
CPRS Calgary 2010-11 Mentees

  1. I’ve enjoyed the mentees’ blog posts and appreciate that you’ve taken time to provide interesting comment from your perspectives at the beginning of your careers in PR.

    It’s a privilege to be part of the mentorship program.

    Speaking from my own experience as a mentor in this pilot program, I’ve appreciated the chance to get to know my mentee personally. She’s got such energy and enthusiasm as a professional that it feels good hanging out with her. She makes me smile.

    I’d like this project to carry on next year and I would really urge my colleagues, members of long standing, to put their name in to the pool of available mentors and hope for as good a match as I got. I’ll certainly be participating next year….and I will welcome another young pro into my life. (I am pretty sure and hopeful that I will remain in the orbit of current ‘match’.)

    I want to recommend the book, it’s an old one (1998), called “The Mentor’s Spirit: Life Lessons on Leadership and the Art of Encouragement” by Marsha Sinetar, the author who also wrote “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow” and “Don’t Call Me Old, I’m Just Awakening”

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