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Better Late Than Never – Mentoree Introduction By Brenda Reid

In CPRS, Mentorship on January 31, 2011 at 10:22 pm

As I have completed my first blog – ever – (Chris Anderson  – Inventor/Entrepreneur), I thought I should complete this little bio on myself. Better late than never!

I moved to Calgary from Vancouver (BC) in October 2005, my goal was to complete the Communications Degree program at U of C. My past experience in Radio, and Marketing was not giving me the satisfaction on a long-term career with a company. So I thought Corporate Communications was the way to go. After four years I convocated  in November 2010 and am still looking for that right frame for my Degree! Along with that, I am still apply for positions in Public Relations/Public Affairs, Corporate Communications and Marketing. I am currently working as a Land Administration Assistant for an Oil & Gas Company. So lets just say my life is busy with full-time work and looking for my career position.

I do like to squeeze in opportunities outside of this career search – just a couple of things. I got involved with an amateur theater troupe called St. Peters Players – we are doing a production of  “My Fair Lady” in Feb/Mar which I am really excited about. Dragonboating is another one of my passions.

So back to the  CPRS  Mentorship program of which I was one of the lucky people to be picked back in June 2010. I must say I have had lots of support from my fellow mentee’s Julie/Naddine & Tammy. They have definitely made my frustrations about the job search a little easier to handle.  I have had some help from Nancy Arab who I was pair up with as my mentor, she helped with my resume on what changes to be made.

One thing I like to keep things to the point so I will keep this brief. The future for me looks promising and along with this new program from CPRS has helped through giving me professional & personal support needed. The one thing I have to say to any new grad or for those that will continue this Mentorship program is perseverance is key! Don’t hesitate to ask questions and use the tools given to you !


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