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Chris Anderson – The Future of the Inventor as the Entrepreneur By Brenda Reid

In CPRS, Mentorship, public relations, Social Media on January 31, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Mount Royal hosted the editor and chief of Wired Magazine – Chris Anderson as part of the Legacy of Ideas speaker series.  Anderson started with the past industrial revolutions – hey a little Marxism never hurts. As a non technical person such as myself, he made it very easy to understand certain concepts. One concept that he highlighted was the inventor and the entrepreneur. He began with a story of  his inventor Grandfather and his invention of  automatic sprinkler systems.  During that time it was a very hard reality of being an inventor as most ended up having ideas taken away due to the fact they did not have the means of mass production. This was an obstacle that most could not overcome. Now it has reached a great balance as inventors do have the means of being an entrepreneur and getting their ideas out. The internet has been a great outlet .  It can get the invention to the consumer, producer which can bring empowerment.  Anderson emphasized  that you do not have to have the best MIT education, money or moving to a location where the bright minds are such as Silicon Valley. Case in point his partner who was eighteen year old, undereducated boy from Mexico helped with the prototype in the  invention of Drones – these are the largest amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.  Visit for more info.

The main point that Chris Anderson was trying to get across is that the future is the internet and how it is changing the traditional view of the inventors & entrepreneurs. The internet is an open forum for them and therefore allowing the brightest minds to explore and take us along for the ride instead of being behind closed doors.

Brenda Reid is a CPRS Mentoree 2010-2011. Recent graduate of the Bachelor of Communications Studies U of C.

  1. As Chris Anderson said in his book The Long Tail — ‘Never underestimate the power of a million amateurs with keys to the factory.” (Reminded me of Bill Clinton’s comment about not tangling with journalists — “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”)

    Anyway, I’m sure Anderson was really fun to listen to. Some of his theories are sure way beyond me, but he does have a way with words.

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