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They Came in Droves: Building Your Communications Consulting Business

In Events on February 1, 2011 at 2:22 pm

They came in droves – or so it seemed.  We didn’t know what to expect, never before having organized a conference geared specifically to independent communications consultants.  But with the event’s workshop being sold out almost two weeks before the event, and a waitlist with people clamouring to get in whatever way they could, we knew we had struck a chord.

“I felt like I was handing out winning lottery tickets,” said Susan Elford, CPRS conference organizer.  “We had a few people who couldn’t attend at the last minute so there I was, the night before the event, calling people on the waitlist who were overjoyed to get a spot.  One consultant who I notified at 8pm at night even travelled from Edmonton very early the next morning just to attend the event.”

Clearly, the event’s popularity was the combination of:

  • a fabulous keynote speaker – Beth Diamond, Managing Partner, NATIONAL Public Relations,
  • a sextet of facilitated workshops to choose from led by tremendously talented individuals, and
  • the opportunity to network with their peers in a concise, well-priced and inviting atmosphere.

“It was also fabulous to partner with the local chapter of IABC on this event,” said Elford.  “It really augmented the volunteer resources required to organize the event and increased the cross-promotion of the event substantially.  I would definitely do it again.”

Consultants are already asking when the ‘next one’ will be.  To this, Elford says, “All that is required is consistent interest from our member volunteers.  So if you are interested in getting involved, be sure to drop me a line at”

  1. I was sorry to have missed it. But I salute your comment, Susan, that this kind of thing can be done again if there are volunteers in both organizations ready to take it on in a co-operative way as was the case this time. Like the Christmas party, it could easily become an annual event.

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