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Does Twitter equal journalism?

In public relations, Social Media on February 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Does Twitter equal journalism? As Brian Solis points out, this is the wrong question to ask, instead choosing to look deeper into: “Can Tweets represent acts of journalism?In the linked Bloomberg Business Week article Solis goes head-to-head with Michael De Monte on this issue. It is an interesting read, with some Canadian content. Where do you stand?

Posted by Jeremy Berry, CPRS Calgary Education Chair

  1. Twitter is a tipster tool, a pulse, a channel. Can suggest a story, indicate interest in a story and blast it out. This 140 characters yet?

  2. I am only giving an opinion on this question. I think twitter is asmall part of the activity of journalism . because of the nature of journalism has to give information. However, Twitter has a capacity of character when he wrote a “tweet”. so I think twitter is less suitable when called as part of journalism.

  3. I like the real time insiders view that twitter can provide. It allows journalists to post items in real time,, prior to posting an official story,, it also allows opinion on events to be broadcast by a much larger set of eyes, allowing hopefully less spin to occur. (or at least spin from all sides)
    so it that sense it is “evolving’ the journalist role

  4. I think that tweeting is a very important in social media. I do believe that it is more of a stepping stone to promoting and getting your larger scale blogs, articles, or websites out there. It’s like the appetizer to the dinner. Thanks for the food for thought… and please excuse the pun! 🙂

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