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Saint John pours on the hospitality

In CPRS, Events, public relations on June 6, 2011 at 6:47 pm

We all know that Atlantic Canada knows how to party. The opening reception at the Hatheway Pavilion at Lily Lake proved the point.

The weather on June 5 started out dreary and overcast, but by the afternoon it was warm and welcoming. By the time the pink double-decker buses showed up, everyone was eager to hang out with their fellow practitioners. Following a brief guided tour of the city highlights, we arrived at Lily Lake where a reception committee of caped and masked “super heroes” (along with a small man with a big voice and a top hat) ushered us into the building (see photo 1). Throughout the evening, the super heroes were not far away (see photo 2).

Other reminders of the conference theme included special martinis — like the green “Mutation” — and other mysterious concoctions, plus an endless array of appetizers like fiddlehead chowder and super tasty scallops. All of this was made possible by CNW, the event’s sponsor.

Truly, the weather and lakeside location made for a beautiful evening, but it wasn’t just a schmooze fest. Our super heroes made sure guests parked their beers to participate in canoe races, rock climbing, geocaching and other activities. Lots of laughs, as you can imagine, but also plenty of time for relaxed conversation after a full day of conference content.  It was indeed a super start to a super conference.

Pat Hammond, APR

Photo 1

Top hat man greets folks at Lily Lake

Top hat man greets folks at Lily Lake


Photo 2

Super heroes greet CPRS delegates at Lily Lake


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