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CPRS Calgary Congratulates Two New APRs

In CPRS on February 6, 2012 at 10:06 am

It is with great pleasure that CPRS Calgary announces that two of our members – Kim Blanchette, APR and Cathy Downey, APR – have successfully completed the Accredited Public Relations process. Congratulations Kim and Cathy!

The APR designation is a natural step for practitioners of public relations who want to demonstrate their commitment to the profession. For more information about the benefits of the designation and details about the process, please contact Pat Hammond, APR, our Accreditation Chair.

Words of wisdom from our newly minted APRs:

“Working in a highly technical environment, my accreditation in public relations is of tremendous value in demonstrating to my colleagues and senior executives the rigorous professional and ethical standards that guide my work. The process was challenging but rewarding, and brought a new dimension to how I approach public relations practice on a day-to-day basis. The support and guidance provided by CPRS at the local and national levels was invaluable, establishing a sense of community that was very much appreciated.”

Kim Blanchette, APR

Manager, Communications, Energy Resources Conservation Board

 “As a consultant, having my APR demonstrates to clients and prospective clients that I am an experienced and competent practitioner. I learned so much during the accreditation process, more than I ever would have thought. It may well be the best professional development I’ve ever undertaken!”

Cathy Downey, APR

President, Grit Communications Inc.


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