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Hanging Out with Gen Xers Highly Rewarding

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

Posted by Judi Gunter APR FCPRS L.M.

What a rewarding time I had last night at the Third Tuesday YYC meet up (#TTYYC) at the Melrose.  I scored the front row table to hear Sarah Baker explain Pinterest, the new social media sensation and I was sitting with Jodi, Tammy and Karen, my three favourite face-to-face Gen X women friends.

Jodi Currie and I worked together in communications at The Kidney Foundation and on the CPRS Calgary Board in 2009.  She followed her dream after the Foundation stint and went back to school to add a Travel and Tourism diploma to her Broadcasting diploma on her resume.  She’s convocating June 1st and WOW!

Jodi has won all kinds of accolades while at school, including the coveted DC Fleming Award (aka Student of the Year) two years in a row!!! In 2011 she was the first 1st-year student to ever win it and this year, the first student to win twice.

Jodi has also won several other honours, awards and scholarships while at SAIT including the Sam Switzer Scholarship.  “It was a significant sum of money and helped me so much.  I have so much respect for those individuals and organizations which provide scholarships because they really have a huge impact for students, regardless of amounts,” said Jodi, and was I ever grateful for her comment!

Because Tammy Schwass was sitting there on my left!   Last year, Tammy and I were hooked up in the CPRS mentor program and this year she is on the CPRS Board as the Education Director, engaging the student members and fostering the two scholarships — the David Wood Scholarship at MRU and the new Calgary Legacy Scholarship.  She is also managing the mentor program — so triple delight, sitting to my right was Karen Walker, the protege with whom I am enjoying time this year.  Karen works in communications at STARS and has just returned from a transformational volunteer stint in Haiti.

When I left the Melrose last night, my trio of protegees were buzzing together in a conversational clutch about all the things young 30-something career women care about — choosing well, working hard, following their dreams, achieving balance and making our world a better place.


Being a mentor has been such a rewarding experience for me.  THANK YOU

  1. Thanks for the post (not sure if there was a byline). Nice to hear the updates; hard to believe Jodi is nearly done at SAIT. Sounds like the mentor program is going well, which makes me happy.

  2. I figured out how to do the by-line. Ah the old “press save” lesson…Yup! experience is the best teacher but she gives me the lesson after I’ve made my mistake! LOL and all that jazz.

  3. And, as always Judi, we appreciate your mentorship and our always entertaining and valuable conversations.

  4. I wanted to follow-up on this.

    Now that SAIT Polytechnic’s convocation June 1st is over I am delighted to ‘go public’ with a loud ‘Hurray!!’ to my friend, colleague and PR protégé Jodi Currie who decided to go back to school a couple of years ago and take the Travel and Tourism diploma.

    During her graduation ceremony on Friday she received the Governor General’s Academic Medal. This award is given to the one single student in the entire School of Hospitality and Tourism with the highest overall GPA. “I still can’t even grasp it,” Jodi enthused in an e-mail to me last week. “It’s just unbelievable, and a huge honour.”

    Jodi also received the Dean’s Award, as the top student in the Travel and Tourism program.

    At heart a PR profession, she has added this credential to her 1999 Broadcasting Diploma from the then Mount Royal College and several years of communications experience. I met up with Jodi in 1997 when I handed her the reins as Manager of Communications at the Southern Alberta Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

    She has now taken both these credentials to the AMA’s International Travel Department.

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