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CPRS Introduces the Affiliate Membership

In CPRS on May 14, 2012 at 9:55 am

CPRS Calgary, along with CPRS National, is excited to offer a new membership category called the Affiliate membership.  The Affiliate membership is for individuals who have been employed full time in public relations for less than two years and is a stepping-stone for students between graduation and beginning a full-time career in the field. New grads also qualify for the Affiliate membership for the two years following graduation.  After two years of membership at the Affiliate level, the member will move to full membership.

An Affiliate member will receive benefits of a full voting member of CPRS, including:

  • a national membership card;
  • access to the member only area of the national website;
  • national member pricing for awards, national conference, webinars, the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)™ exam and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) magazine subscriptions;
  • member referral credits;
  • insurance coverage if working as an independent consultant;
  • all National communications via email and inclusion in the online searchable  Membership Directory; and
  •  will be access to an online Resume Databank to post your resume.

Affiliate members receive the benefits of a full voting member of CPRS. The cost of a Calgary Affiliate membership is $167.50 + GST, or 50% of the cost of a full membership. The membership is designed to help transition students and professionals new to the PR field into a full-time member of CPRS. We certainly hope the Affiliate membership will expose young professionals to the networking and professional development benefits CPRS offers its members. Applications for the Affiliate membership are available on the CPRS website: .

If you have any questions or you’d like more information please contact


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