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CPRS Calgary Congratulates Legacy Award Winner Ryan Ferguson

In Students on May 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm

CPRS Calgary Congratulates Legacy Award Winner Ryan Ferguson

By Vince Kanasoot

Introducing Ryan

Ryan Ferguson knows how to make an entrance. On April 4, this outstanding public relations student was introduced to many of Calgary’s top public relations leaders at the CPRS event Steps to Success, where Ryan was named the inaugural winner of CPRS’ Legacy Award. This award will acknowledge one stand-out public relations student annually and was presented this year by CPRS Calgary president Janice Robertson, APR.

“My interest in business and writing led me to the public relations program at Mount Royal University (MRU),” said Ryan, who recently completed his second year as a public relations major and marketing minor.

Empowering communicators and their audiences

Ryan won the Legacy Award with an essay that discussed the merits of using two-way symmetrical communications systems to achieve effective and strategic public relations.
“Symmetrical two-way communications allows for companies and their customers to interact with each other,” said Ryan. “This model empowers the customer and often results in a stronger relationship between both parties. Social media is an excellent example.”

Jumping to new heights

While growing up on his family’s acreage outside Calgary, Ryan competed in show jumping with his horse for eight years. “I was nicknamed Flyin’ Ryan for all the times I fell off my horse,” joked Ryan. A seasoned trooper, Ryan always got back up onto his horse in time to continue jumping.
How fitting then, that he will be leaping his way into the professional social media scene this summer with an internship at the social media agency Socialish. In addition to managing social media activities for Socialish’s clients this summer, Ryan will also work as a brand ambassador for the experimental marketing company Tigris Personnel. He is looking forward to representing Tigris Personnel at tradeshows and various other industry-related events.

Looking beyond the summer

What lies ahead for Ryan? After he completes the communications degree program at MRU, Ryan envisions a number of exciting, possible paths. “Managing a large organization’s communications seems like a very interesting challenge, but I’m also keen on almost anything that involves sports,” said Ryan. “Right now though, I want to try some different things and see what I like best.”

CPRS would like to congratulate Ryan on winning the 2013 Legacy Award. It looks like he’s well on his way to pursuing a successful public relations career. Make way for Flyin’ Ryan!