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Personal Branding: A Chat with Bonnie Elgie, APR

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By Tamania Jaffri Naqi

Bonnie Elgie, APR, is one of the speakers at the exciting Independent Entrepreneurs’ Half-Day Conference happening in Calgary on January 25, 2013. She shares some interesting insights about her talk: “Building Your Personal Brand Online” and why you should be paying attention in 2013.

“Personal branding is a big buzz word in the consulting world right now. More than that it’s about you, the individual and how it relates to the career path you map for yourself,” said Bonnie. “During my talk we will explore what personal branding means to people around the table and will discuss what you need to do to establish your brand online.”

Bonnie plans to work with participants through worksheets to explore different components of personal branding. Working together participants will see how they apply their personal brand across various social media channels and what needs to be done to create a professional image.

Bonnie has some interesting examples to share about great personal brands. She worked with Arlene Dickinson 12 years ago and admires how Arlene has grown to become one of the most influential business women and a symbol for entrepreneurship in Canada. Bonnie also respects W. Brett Wilson in positioning himself to be synonyms with philanthropy and strategic giving in Canada and specifically in Calgary.

Bonnie looks at the celebrity and athletes arena to give examples of bad personal branding or an image gone wrong. A top of the mind name was Lance Armstrong. “Some might argue that Donald Trump used to have a great personal brand that has been weakened by his actions and comments on politics,” Bonnie added. “Britney Spears is another example of a deteriorated brand when she was going through a tough phase in her life, however she has worked over the past two years to build her image again.”

Personal brand building requires effort and Bonnie reminds that just like any marketing strategy it takes time. However the social media realm we live in now is so immediate it’s possible to build awareness as soon as you work on the key components. “It’s not all online,” Bonnie reminds. “It’s also how you meet people, and use traditional media. Personal branding is multi-layered but online is a key part.”

Personal branding applies to independent consultants, small business owners and those following traditional career paths. It’s something everyone can benefit from.

If you would like to meet Bonnie and hear her talk, you can register for the mini-conference at

  1. This idea of personal branding makes me think Robert Burns and his Ode To A Louse in which he basically said (translated) “And would some Power the small gift give us,
    To see ourselves as others see us!” Truly.

    And by the way, the mini conference at which Bonnie is speaking Friday morning is being held on Robert Burns Day, January 25! (No haggis on the lunch menu though and no toasting the bard with scotch)

    Check this event out at

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